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Delivering excellence in customer service is top of the agenda at FC Laser. Not only can it be relied upon as a top-quality provider of precision laser cutting services, but with the addition of five new press brakes, sophisticated metal bending services can now be provided in-house.

The star of the show is its latest press, the new 4M 320 tonne Bystronic Xpert 320, complemented by the Xpert 150 press at 3M and a suite of Xpert 40’s. Appended to the impressive Xpert 40 press brake is a state-of-the-art mobile bending robot that improves efficiencies with consistent and repeatable accuracy of complex folds. Combine this highly efficient bending capacity with the latest ERP systems and it’s not difficult to see how the addition of this innovative technology puts FC Laser in a strong position for growth over the coming years. 

Based in Derbyshire, the company provides customer service second to none. Established by managing director Danny Fantom in 2012, FC Laser has seen impressive growth over the past seven   years and now boasts a team of 60 highly skilled team members. It uses the very latest Swiss-made Bystronic cutting and folding machines, housed in a specially designed 20,000 sq ft state-ofthe-art unit.

With Europe's largest installation of three 10 kW Bystronic Bystar Fiber lasers, up to 4M x 2M bed size, the business is at the ‘cutting edge’ of technology. With a culture of ‘quality first’, FC Laser has appointed a new operations manager this year, Daryl Lowe, who brings his 10 years of experience working at Rolls Royce to add to the impressive and growing skill  base at the company.

FC Laser takes its responsibilities for the environment very seriously. It has one of the best track records in the industry when it comes to the energy efficiency of its Bystronic Bystar Fiber lasers, using up to 30 percent less energy than traditional 6 kW CO2 machines.

Working with its new large TV screen-based ERP system on the shop floor, alongside the tried and tested ‘5S’ continuous improvement strategy, the management team ensures that production error rates are as low as possible and any improvements that can be made are done within a very short timescale. Danny Fantom and his team are proud of what they have achieved to date and further investment is planned over the next five years.

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